17 Reasons Boosted Board Is the Best Electric Skateboard

A Boosted Board is the best electric skateboard.  If you’re looking for an affordable electric skateboard, you should definitely consider a Boosted Board.

Boosted, the company which has been manufacturing Boosted Boards in Palo Alto since 2012, has 7 different models to suit the needs and budgets of everyone.

ModelRangeWeightTop SpeedCharge TimeHill GradeLengthPricePrice
Boosted Mini S7 miles15 lbs18 mph1 hr 15 min20%29.5 in$749$749
Boosted Mini X14 miles16.8 lbs20 mph1 hr 45 min20%29.5 in$999$999
Boosted Plus14 miles17 lbs22 mph1 hr 45 min25%38.0 in$1,399$1,399
Boosted Stealth14 miles17 lbs24 mph1 hr 45 min25%38.0 in$1,599$1,599
Boosted Dual+ XR14 miles15.6 lbs22 mph1 hr 45 min25%38.0 in$1,399$1,399
Boosted Dual+ SR7 miles15.6 lbs22 mph1 hr 15 min25%38.0 in$1,199$1,199
Boosted Dual SR7 miles15.6 lbs20 mph1 hr 15 min20%38.0 in$1,039$1,039

Regardless of which Boosted Board you buy, here are 17 reasons why Boosted makes the best electric skateboards.

1. Top Speed of 24 MPH

Boosted Stealth, the fastest Boosted Board, has a top speed of 24 MPH.  Other models have top speeds of 22 MPH, 20 MPH, and 18 MPH.  No matter which model you choose, you’ll be able to get to your destination in a jiffy.

2. Extended Range of up to 14 Miles

Boosted Board ranges fall into two categories:  standard range and extended range.  Standard range boards can go up to 7 miles on a single charge while extended range boards can travel up to 14 miles on a full charge.

3. Effortlessly Climb Hills

The majority of Boosted Board models can climb a 25% grade hill without problem.  The Boosted Minis and the Boosted Dual Standard Range are the exception, but can still pull their weight on a 20% grade hill.  For reference, Lombard Street in San Francisco has a 16% grade and Canton Ave in Pittsburgh has a 35% grade.

4. Up to 5 Ride Modes to Suit Your Comfort Level

Depending on the model of your Boosted Board, there are up to five ride modes ranging from beginner mode to hyper mode.  The difference in the ride modes are the acceleration sensitivity and max speed. The throttle wheel is much more sensitive in expert, pro, and hyper mode.

Ride ModeAccelerationTop SpeedHillsModels
BeginnerLimited11 mphNoneAll
EcoModerate16 mphSmallAll
ExpertHigh18 to 20 mph10 to 20% grade hillsAll
ProMaximum22 mph25% grade hillsDual, Plus, Stealth
HyperMaximum24 mph25% grade hillsStealth

5. Ergonomic Bluetooth Remote

All Boosted Boards ship with an ergonomic Bluetooth remote.  The Boosted Board remote automatically pairs with your board as indicated by a blue light on the remote.

Use the remote to control your speed with comfort and ease.  An engage button on the bottom of the remote acts as a safety feature that only allows motion when pressed.

The remote has a series of LEDs that indicate the board’s battery level.  Other LEDs on the remote indicate the remote’s battery level and Bluetooth connectivity.

The remote battery life is equivalent to approximately 8 full board charges. The remote charges in 4 hours via a mini USB cable.

6. Solid, Durable Design

Boosted Board weights range from 15 to 17 pounds.  The lightest Boosted Board is the Boosted Mini S.  The Boosted Plus and Boosted Stealth are the heaviest Boosted Boards weighing in at 17 pounds.

The majority of a board’s weight is in the battery and motor.  The board’s deck is made of either composite material or bamboo, so the deck takes up relatively little weight.

7. Fast Charge Time

Boosted Board charge times range from 1 hour and 15 minutes for standard range batteries to 1 hour and 45 minutes for extended range batteries.

Every 15 minutes of charge time equates to about a mile of range on both standard and extended range models, so if you’re in a hurry, a quick charge will do the trick.

8. No Charge Memory Effect

Some batteries have a memory effect and need to be fully discharged before being charged again. This is not the case for Boosted Boards.  Boosted’s batteries can be charged at any time for any length without worry.

Charging your Boosted Board battery overnight will not harm the battery.  The board automatically senses when the battery is full and stops charging.  Charging your board for a just few minutes to get to your next destination will also not harm the battery.

9. Reliable Regenerative Braking

Come to a smooth stop at any speed with regenerative and reliable braking.  Regenerative braking allows the Boosted Board battery to charge on the go.  Anytime the brake is applied, kinetic energy is converted back into the battery and stored for later use.

To enable regenerative breaking on the Boosted Board, simply engage the trigger and put the throttle in reverse when moving forward.  This works especially well when riding down longer hills.

10. Durable, Flexible Deck

Decks of older Boosted Board models are made of bamboo while the newer versions are made of composite materials.  The composite material deck allows for even more strength and vibration dampening.  Most of all, all Boosted Board decks are a flexible surface which enables deep carving and sharp turning.

11. Replaceable Boosted Board Wheels

Iconic orange Boosted Board wheels provide ample traction and grip on all paved surfaces from concrete to macadam. These 85mm wheels are replaceable. The back two wheels are the drive wheels and sell for $80 for a set of two, while the front wheels are $30 a pair. An entire set of 2 front wheels and 2 drive wheels cost $105.

12. Free App Provides Software Updates

The Boosted Board app is available for iOS and Android.  Software updates to the Boosted Board are downloaded through the app.  Software updates can improve battery life and even occasionally increase top speed.

Monitor your speed and review stats about your ride, such as how far you rode, from within the app. The app also lets you check the battery of your Boosted Board and gives an estimated remaining range.

13. No Skateboarding Experience Necessary

You don’t have to know how to ride a skateboard in order to ride a Boosted Board.  Boosted Boards are for non-skaters and expert skaters alike.

Most of the complexity with traditional skateboarding comes with balancing one foot on the board while the other foot pushes off the ground to propel forward.  Since no manual pushing is necessary with a Boosted Board, the rider simply needs to stand on the board with fixed feet.  In this way, the learning curve for Boosted Board beginners is minimal and requires little practice before becoming proficient.

14. High Boosted Board Weight Limit

The Boosted Board weight limit is 250 pounds. This means that riders who weight up to 250 pounds can safely ride any model.  Naturally, heavier riders will require more energy to ride and may see shorter ranges and slower top speeds.

15. Multiple Warranty Options

Every Boosted Board comes with a 30 day, no questions warranty and a 6 month, manufacturer defects warranty.

The 30 day Boosted Board warranty allows you to return your board within 30 days of delivery for any reason.  There will be a $100 restocking fee for this type of return.

The 6 month warranty allows you to make a warranty claim for your board within 6 months of delivery due to a manufacturer defect.  Boosted will either make repairs at no cost or replace your board for free.

Boosted Boards are not waterproof and any water damage is not covered in the warranty.

16. Longboard and Skateboard Models Available

There are two different sized Boosted Boards.  The Boosted Mini series are most like traditional skateboards and are 29.5 inches in length.  All other models measure in at 38 inches long.  The majority of Boosted Boards are more like a typical longboard.

17. Perfect for a Short Commute

Boosted Boards are perfect for commuting short distances.  Whether your work is 10 blocks away or halfway across town, a Boosted Board can get you there while avoiding traffic congestion.

City dwellers will see the most benefit from owning a Boosted Board.  Errands will become a thing of excitement as you will look forward to riding to the store on your board.

What do you think makes a Boosted Board the best electric skateboard? Carve out a comment below, and be sure to check out some of my Boosted Board videos on YouTube!

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