What Is a Pimple Popper Tool?

A pimple popper tool is a handheld utensil with a metal loop that’s used for pressing pus out of a pimple. Also known as a blackhead or whitehead extractor, a pimple popper tool is the recommended method for popping pimples. When you use your fingers to pop a pimple, you chance scaring the surrounding skin. With proper use of a pimple extractor, the chances of scaring and infecting your skin are greatly reduced.

In this pimple popping blog post, let’s take a look at the different types of pimple popper tools and learn why you should never pop pimples with your fingers again.

Whether it’s a blackhead or whitehead, you should never use your hands to pop your pimples. By doing so, you may cause damage and irritation to your skin. Even if you wash your hands to prevent dirt and bacteria from entering your pores, you still have a chance of giving yourself a nice, lifelong scar.

Instead by using a pimple popper tool, you virtually eliminate any risks of temporarily or permanently damaging your skin. You’ll still experience the relief of popping those little guys, but it’ll be much more sanitary and precise.

Pimple Popper Tool Types

pimple popper tool types

There are quite a few types of pimple popper tools. Some are useful for larger pimples while others are great for pinpoint precision. The most common varieties of pimple extractors include:

  • Lancet: A relatively wide wedge, but still very sharp needle used to puncture a hole for the pus to escape
  • Pin point needle: A typical pointy needle also used to puncture a hole for pus to escape
  • Spoon extractor: A spoon-shaped loop that cups a pimple to allow for gentle popping
  • Angled flat loop: An angled, flat loop perfect for accessing those hard to reach crevasses like behind the ear or next to the nose
  • Angled eye loop: Also an angled loop, but a bit thicker and shaped like an eye
  • Eye loop: A small loop that is ideal for popping the tiniest of pimples without scaring the skin
  • Small loop: A bit bigger than an eye loop and more of a teardrop shape that’s great for popping small pimples
  • Medium loop: Also shaped like a teardrop and an even bigger loop for even bigger pimples
  • Large loop: The largest of loops is perfect for pressing out the largest of blackheads and whiteheads

Best Tool for Popping Pimples

There are virtually hundreds of pimple popper tools on the market today. Based on Amazon ratings and reviews, here is a list of the 7 best pimple popper tools.

Perhaps you already have a pimple extractor tool? What has been your experience using it? Let us know in the comments below.

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